Privacy Policy of Coursefab
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Privacy Policy of Coursefab



Coursefab Educational Services Pvt. Ltd understands and respects the user privacy information and all the information that we collect are strictly collected and kept with our company.


We have the rights reserved for using your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Storing all the information that is sent through the site.
  • Prevent any potentially illegal or prohibited activities and enforce the same on our teams.
  • Charging and collecting the payment for the services or bill.
  • Analyze, customize and improve our site content and services and for advertising.
  • Resolving the disputes.


We have the rights reserved to disclose the personally identifiable information if the law requires them and as and when the law requires. Additionally, also when we believe that such disclosures are necessary for protecting our rights or/and to comply with the court order or judicial proceeding or any legal process that is served on our website.

We do not share the student information with the third parties, and we do not give any of our tutor's details to the third parties. What user agrees by using our site.

We are governed by the privacy policy and consider various legal bases in using the personal information. Privacy policies are:

    • Using your personal information is necessary for performing our obligations with you (for instance: for complying with the terms and conditions of using our website which you accept by using our services or browsing our website) or
    • Using your personal information is necessary for adhering with the legal obligations.
    • Where the neither of the above does not apply, using your personal information is necessary for the legitimate interests, and the interests are:
    • For operating our website.
    • Providing our services to the users.
    • Run, develop and grow our business.
    • For performing research and statistical analysis.
    • For carrying out our marketing.
    • For carrying out our business development.
    • Building a relationship with the academic institution and partners.
    • Selection of qualified and skilled suppliers.
    • For the internal auditing and administrative purposes. has all the rights reserved for modifying these privacy policies at any time. Please review the changes in our privacy policies frequently and any changes made will be stated here, and your continuing usage of our website, softer and or service constitutes the user agreement to abide and bound with the changes.



Cookies are small texts that are sent by the users’ web browser by the websites the user is visiting. These files are stored in the web browser and will allow the website or third party to recognize the user, and that makes the next visit easier. They are the user identification for the Coursefab servers. Beacons and cookies are used and allow Coursefab to render better services to the users in an efficient manner and for creating a personalized user experience. Cookies can be either session or persistent. To some extent cookies data will constitute of personally identifiable information, we would process those data as per your consent.

Cookies are used by us to identify the repeat users to our website and the type of content and the sites to which the users of our website links. It tracks the length of every visitor’s visit and the area where they spend more time and the functionalities used by them. There are different types of cookies used to run the site. Essential cookies are mandatory for running the website and use them for authenticating users, preventing any fraudulent use of the user accounts and or for offering site features.

Performance or analytical cookies will allow tracking the number of visitors who are using the site and improve the workability of the site. Targeting cookies are used for tracking the user visiting the website and the links that were followed by the users and that will allow us to make the site relevant as per your needs and might also share with the third parties for the same purpose. Functionality cookies will allow us to create a personalized experience of addressing you with your name and storing your preferences.

Third-party cookies are used for tracking the statistical information. Tracking cookies will follow the on-site tie and behavior to understand the usage habits. Optimization cookies will enable in tracking the conversation taking place with different users and used by marketing channels for their evaluation. The user has the discretion to delete the cookies from their web browser or refuse the cookies when visiting the website, but by deleting or refusing to accept cookies, there are chances where users might not be in a position to access all the features that we offer. The user might not be in a position to log-in and continue with their regular working with the site.