Terms & Conditions of Coursefab
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Terms & Conditions of Coursefab

Coursefab Educational Services Pvt. Ltd (Also Referred to as “us”, “This Site”, “we”, “Coursefab”, “Coursefab.com”, “www.coursefab.com”,and/or “our”).




Terms Acceptance

Welcome to www.coursefab.com  which is owned and operated by Coursefab Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. Checking the “I Accept” button during the registration of the account or during the payment or submitting any assignment or purchasing the solution from solution library or during the course of using the website will acknowledge that the users agree with our privacy policy. All terms and conditions and privacy policy information are available on our website.


Modification of Terms

Whenever you are visiting our website www.coursefab.com or send a query in chat or through e-mail for electronic communication purposes, you consent about our communication via e-mail and other electronic forms from us. We will communicate with you through e-mail, chat, telephone or pop-ups through the notices published on our website. You agree that all notices, disclosures, agreements and all other communication we provide to you through the electronic mode satisfy with any legal requirements that these communications will be in writing.

You agree to provide us with your active email account address to maintain your account with us. If either you or we or you terminate an account or you are filing for a request in changing your email account address, then the claims over all the past interaction with us will be invalid, and they will be considered as “Users are not subjected to us”. 



The Website


www.coursefab.comis an online venue for educational purposes and sharing information related to the education and other competitive exams. It allows the students/learners to study and ask a question to our experts for answering them. Users of our site and not Coursefab.com provides content in the posts that are defined in the following. Experts have the choice of answering the questions and experts are not agents or employees of Coursefab but are users of the site and like customers.

The study materials presented on the website are not the property of Coursefab.com, but it is an indirect online resource that results from the common user participation for building up the site. The content that is presented in any of the pages in this website might or might not disclose any similarity from other resources as this is a user website. The claimant can send email on admin@coursefab.com for the concerned page to be removed.

Coursefab.com does not entertain or encourage any personal conversation between tutor and user and outside the platform and has all rights reserved to restrict the users from accessing the site. We do not endorse and promote any specific customer or expert and any such information noticed can be written to admin@coursefab.com  as it pertains to the violation of the identity of Coursefab. You acknowledge that we cannot and would not modify, edit or filter or endorse or screen or does not guarantee for any content to posts. Coursefab.com is not liable directly or indirectly for any acts or mistakes or omissions of experts, the ability of the experts in answering the question or content in the posts or for the ability of the customer in paying for the answers. Coursefab cannot provide a guarantee or ensure that the transaction between expert and customer will be completed. Coursefab notwithstanding the foregoing has all rights reserved but not be obligated to remove any of the site content or refuse to post any content. Those content even though closely monitored or moderated is falling under the insecure content category or violating the human rights or porn category content, unauthorized content, illegal content, abusive, sensitive, emotional or communal, defaming or targeting a specific individual or community or society or related to hatred content will be treated as the instance of happening and those comments will be removed on priority request without any information related to the user or troll or expert.



Coursefab takes the effort to act as a mentor for enhancing the user's subject awareness. Under no situation or circumstances, Coursefab recommend you for using the solution library’s solutions provided in our site for any of the purposes. You free Coursefab from any kind of liabilities that are pertaining to the submission of the referenced solutions and expert answer to your post questions.


Social Media

Our website is making use of social media widgets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram button which are interactive mini-programs that are running on our website. These widgets or features might collect the user IP address like which page the user is visiting on this site. It could set a cookie for this feature to function appropriately. These are either hosted by the third party or they are hosted directly by/through our site. All your interactions with these features are monitored and governed by those companies’ privacy policies.


Log Files

It is obvious for all the websites that we gather some information which is automatic, and they are storing it in log files. It includes the internet protocol (IP) addresses, internet service provider (ISP), browser type of the users, operating system, exit pages, clickstream data, and the time stamp. Coursefab combines all the automatically collected log information that we collect about the users or visitors. The purpose of this is to improve our services that we are offering, website functionality and analysis.


Limitation of Liability

We are not liable for any delay in the website access and for any interruption caused while accessing the website but we are always available to assist you. We are not responsible or liable for the damage or for any data loss on your device, network or server. We are using only tested features and software, and our technology partner is ensuring to use technology that can result in smooth operations. But at the same time, we are not guaranteeing about the access to our website would be 100% error free. We have the rights reserved to suspend the access for certain scheduled update or maintenance of the website. We are not responsible for any kind of non-access to our website due to equipment failure or failure in the links that are outside/beyond our governance and control. We are not responsible for any student’s failure in any of their subjects or course as the feature of study help, or assignment help is mainly meant to provide guidance and not a direct solution that can be used by the students for grading. We have highly qualified and skilled experts for solving your questions, but they are for study help. Our solution library has solutions that are already solved and used by the other students which are not recommended to be used by the users downloading them as it is mainly formed to provide guidance to the students. If in case a student gets poor grades due to work submitted by our expert for specific order ID we offer to rework services but there will be no refund provided as every work performed by our expert, or our products that are exclusively customized as per the student needs and once delivering the solution it is considered as the delivery of the product, and they are sold.



User Account Policy


You are responsible for protecting your username and password and access to your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and may not share this information or your account details without anyone, and you will be solely accountable and responsible for all such act or omissions that are taking place in your account. We will never fetch your contact details and proceed unless we receive a confirmation from you. We would ask for your email details so that we can send a regular update about our services, the progress in your work and offers and for all other communication purposes from Coursefab.


We collect

Whenever you are visiting our website, you are providing us with some personal information like your name, e-mail address, contact number, your level of education, subject for which you need assistance, location, address, credit card or debit card information and other preference information that you are providing to us. You are providing us with any information that you are personally knowingly choosing to disclose which is collected by us and use the information collected as you are interacting with us on this site.


Do not post any private or confidential information

Coursefab website is an online platform that has an online forum, and the information or content submitted related to the question, answer , forum, requesting for information, profiles, responses, qualification, comments, signatures and the posts in the question and answer conversation and discussion forum and in any other place in the site where the users can communicate with the site is not confidential or private not it is all protected by any attorney-client privilege and it might be collected, read and being used by others. For protecting your privacy, we guide the users to make use of an anonymous username and do not share or include any information that is related to the personally identifiable information or your identity or any kind of contact information in the posts. For protecting your privacy, we request you not to share any confidential information including but not limited to any of your financial information like credit card or debit card detail or any other banking details or any confidential user credentials to any of the employees or team member of Coursefab.


User Limitation

  • The user must be at least 10 years of age and above to make use of the service of Coursefab.com.
  • Students below the age of 10 years should obtain consent from the parents before using our services.
  • After registering and opening an account with us, it is only for your personal use and not for sharing with the other users. Do not share your account details with the other users.
  • Services that are received for your questions are for your personal use, and you may not transfer the right to access these course material or solution to another person until otherwise, we have any mutual written consent for the same.
  • We provide the user with the limited access and permission to use our content and services only personal use and not for commercial purposes. You have all rights to modify, edit, change, copy, download or print the content solely for your personal use. If you are modifying, editing, displaying, distributing, transmitting, publishing, reproducing, copying, duplicating and offering for sale without prior written consent. But with prior written consent from us and permission, such changes can be made.
  • By registering or using any of our services with the Coursefab.com you affirm that you will be using all the information, discussion and content only for the study purposes and as a guidance and you will not be submitting the work as the original work of the student for course credit or grading.
  • Any violation of the terms and conditions and policies of our company will result in terminating the user account with us.
  • Users are not supposed to share any confidential information including but not limited to any user credentials, passwords or financial information to any unauthorized person/representative of Coursefab.com. Coursefab or its employees/representative will never ask Users for any confidential and/or financial information or any unwanted personal information of the Users. In the event of any loss or damage happens to any user of Coursefab.com due to sharing of any sensitive and/or confidential and/or financial details like debit card number, credit card number, CVV, PayPal information or any other confidential/sensitive information or any kind of Personally identifiable information (PII)  with any person who claims to be an employee or representative of Coursefab.com or Coursefab Educational Services Private Limited, then Coursefab.com/ Coursefab Educational Services Private Limited will not take any liability and/or responsibility for such loss and/or damage. Hence, the Users of Coursefab.com are requested not to involve in such activities as Coursefab.com will not be liable for such activities, and Coursefab.com never encourages its Users to engage in such activities. 
  • In case of termination of your account from your end, you should request them through the email to admin@coursefab.com and the wallet balance in your account can be transferred to your friend or partner or user of Coursefab within the 7 working days and it will be subject to 10% of the wallet amount or the amount paid by the user. You can initiate a refund back request through the email with your valid ID proof. There are many steps and documents required by Coursefab which should be furnished by you for the successful processing. More than three times of incomplete documentation and the subsequent request will result in reducing the amount of refund request to below fifty percent and not disclosure of ID proof and supporting document can result in non-refund of the amount.



Users once receive their solution from the expert, your acknowledgment for the same is presumed. Users are responsible for evaluating the completeness, accuracy, and usefulness of any opinion, answers or the content available from the site from the third party or that is obtained from the linked website. You have to post a message and open a clarification with us for the specific order ID related to your question within 14 days of receiving the solution, and any claim or justification related to incompleteness in the work or inaccuracy in the work and rework request will not be processed after 14 days. There will be no adjustment made towards the price in the future assignment for the issue that you have faced during the previous issues. Any issue related to one specific order ID will not be carried forward with the future order ID’s. It would take around a maximum of 48 hours to respond to the clarification or message after they have been initiated. All these facilities are not available for the solution downloaded from the solution library they are available for the assignment posted by you to the expert for the solution.



Refund Policy


The students should pay for each and every new question posted and/or to purchase/download any solution/content from the solution library in order to get access to them. If in case the user decides to cancel the order before we are assigning to an expert you are allowed to get the entire balance in your wallet and can use the amount for your next services without any additional charges. Kindly note that, once you are canceling the question request after making the payment, the amount will only be credited to your Coursefab wallet/balance account that you have in this website, and there will be no cash or account refund. But if the expert has begun the work for your assignment and then you wanted to cancel then cancellation is not possible, and you have to continue with the order.

Immediately notify us if in case you have been charged twice by the PayPal.com during the process time with the transaction details and other supporting details as the proof of you being charged twice to process a refund in full within 48 hours. Due to some circumstance, it might take around 3 to 5 working days to reflect in your account balances. Coursefab assures to provide the best quality solutions for their assignment help and other tutoring services as desired by the users. We do not provide a refund for the solution/content downloaded from the solution library as they are already solved and used solution and it serves exclusively for the reference purposes and not for submitting them or either it is not customized as per the user downloading the solution.

If you are not satisfied with our assistance and prove them with a valid reason after receiving the assignment help and downloading the solution from our solution library. You can contact us at support@coursefab.com. There is an option for you to open a request for the rework or for the refund claim under every order ID. You can request our experts to provide a revision to the initially submitted work if they are not meeting the initial requirements posted by you. We are working hard to assign the best tutor for your assignments to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our expert's solution. In the following circumstances refund can be asked. Refund will not be provided in cash to the customer account until otherwise they are accidentally charged twice for the same service or under any extraordinary situations which will be evaluated by the management individually, and it differs from case to case.

  • If the expert is not turning in the solution within the given deadline (barring any insignificant delay of up to 20% of the finally agreed deadline) provided if you have given all the essential information, resources on time to the expert without any delay.
  • We don’t guarantee for the grades, and we advise you to use our expert answer or solution library answer to understanding the concepts and how to approach the specific question. If in case the work that was submitted to your specific assignment order ID is of poor quality and provided you can provide an authentic report or plagiarism report issued then refund is issued for 50% into your wallet if it is within 30 days.
  • If no expert is being assigned to your assignment or question even after 50% of the given deadline agreed while you were making the payment.
  • Kindly note that refund will not be provided to the solution downloaded from the solution library.


If in the case due to some unfortunate situation a student receives a ‘fail’ grade in your assignment work then you will receive a 50% refund in your wallet balance. However, there is a requirement for the authentic proof for receiving the fail grade within 30 days after submitting the assignment. Any request even providing the support of proof will not be subject to any kind of refund process after the 30 days’ window. The main reason for the 50% refund is that our experts take the advance payment from us for rendering their service and it is not possible for us to get the refund from the experts once paid their fees. But, to retain the quality of our website, we ensure that such experts are not associated with us.

We assign your questions to qualified experts who always try their best in solving and providing the best quality solution, and we are always willing to help the students. You have an opportunity to demand to rework (with valid proof and reason) within 14 days of receiving the final solution and any delay after the 14 days’ window shall not be entitled to any rework claim. Any refund claim can be made only within 30 days after submitting the solution and should carry a valid reason with proof for the refund. In any situation, the student is subject to a 50% refund to their wallet account within 30 days after the solution submission date. In case of any issues related to the refund or re-crediting or wallet related issue, kindly write to us at finance@coursefab.com. If in case a student gets poor grades due to work submitted by our expert for specific order ID we offer to rework services but there will be no refund provided as every work performed by our expert, or our products that are exclusively customized as per the student needs and once delivering the solution it is considered as the delivery of the product, and they are sold. Any refund request will take around 48 hours to get processed, and they will be added to the wallet of the student in this website. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, there are cases where it might take about 3 to 5 working days to get reflected in the student wallet balance with our website. 

We understand that every solution demanded by the user should be original, plagiarism free for using them, so we perform the quality check before submitting the solution to the students. We request the users to review the solution immediately after receiving them and clarify their doubts and make changes if required and make the changes as per their requirement before submitting them. There is no cash refund policy except when a user is being charged twice for the same service, and there is a proof to accompany the claim of being charged twice for the same service. If in case there is an issue to refund in such case (double charge for the same service) then we do a free of cost assignment for the same amount to the student. If in case, the refund claim is made successful and is in favor of the users then the solution will be immediately added to the library and will be available for the public view and any claim against the plagiarism raised by college/university/institution authority will be the only sole responsibility of the student.

Note: The balance/wallet that you see and use in Coursefab.com in your profile is just virtual money, and it is not real money. This money that you see is non-transferable and the user cannot encash this money. This money can only be used in www.coursefab.comfor posting a new assignment or to download a solution from the solution library from www.coursefab.com. This cannot be exchanged. No request will be entertained for transferring this wallet/balance money to any PayPal and/or any other bank account/cards/money exchanges. This wallet/balance amount cannot be encashed. This wallet/balance amount cannot be used in any other site for any purpose. This wallet/balance money can purely be used only in www.coursefab.com.



Copyrights and Infringements


The content of this website cannot be used for any commercial or non-commercial uses. No permission is granted to anyone for using the content of the site for any kind of commercial purposes or modify for any other use or purposes.

Coursefab will take serious action against every claim that is made against the copyright and infringements. We encourage you to contact us at admin@coursefab.com if in case you are becoming aware of such instances or service breaching your copyrights and we will take immediate action against them. Every claim made against the copyrights and infringements should be in a written communication format and should be disclosed with all necessary proof to support the claim. The written format should include either digital or physical signature of the owner or any authorized person who can act on behalf of the owner of the right that is being assumed to infringe. There should be the identification of an entire list of copyrighted materials claimed to be infringed at this website and the work that is claimed to be infringing that is which one you wanted to remove. There should be sufficient information disclosed related to the contact details like telephone number, email, contact address, etc. All the information provided to us should be sufficient to track and prove about the claimed authenticity, and they should be verified that the complaining party is being authorized for acting as right owner. The information provided should be accurate otherwise the complaining party will be subject to the penalties which are pertaining to perjury. You must contact us immediately for any claim against the copyrights and infringements or any infringement on your intellectual property right to admin@coursefab.com.



Honor Code


Coursefab takes all initiatives to ensure that you learn better and successful in completing the course and provide you to learn new topics and ideas. We expect that our users to act with academic integrity and thus, anyone who is misusing our website for the express purpose like cheating or claiming the work of others as their own will result in appropriate action. Use Coursefab solutions for learning purposes and in assisting in completing the assignments. DO NOT COPY the solutions/answers that are available in the solution library or provided by our expert to turn it in for your academic grading as your own work. Do not use Coursefab.com services, when it is strictly indicated in the instruction not to seek any outsider help for completing the assignment/project/homework.






Coursefab does not and cannot warrant or represent or guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of the credentials or the identities of the users. Coursefab will not be liable for any of the losses or damages that are caused by the trust of any such information or content that are contained in any of the posts.

Users are responsible for their omissions, content or acts placed on this website as the company is a venue, in case of any dispute with one or more users or tutors you release Coursefab Educational Services Private Ltd and our directors, managers, agents, subsidiaries, parents, employees and joint ventures from any kind of claims, damages both actual and consequential and of every kind and nature both unknown and known, unsuspected and suspected, both disclosed and undisclosed arising in or out any means or ways connected with all and such disputes. If the user is the resident of California, then you waive California Civil Code under section 1542.

There is no professional-client relationship would be formed on this website, and you are accepting that any confidential information shared in any kind of form is not related to us, and it is only as per your own discretion and you own the responsibility and accountability for the scenario that is leading to any personal harassment or any unexpected threat or any issue due to compromise on the personal data like robbery, theft, criminal act, etc. You free Coursefab.com/Coursefab Educational Services Private Ltd from all kinds of claims accepting that we can use remover or deactivate or disable your account from our site. Coursefab has irrevocable, perpetual, reproduce, non-exclusive right to use, edit, modify, publish, translate, post, display, distribute (“use”) and transmit your posted questions, conversation, feedback, and corresponding solution without providing any compensation to you in aggregate or anonymously for both internal and external purposes, independently or alone or as any part of the other works in any kind of form or technology or media.

Rights of Content

You may not reproduce, copy, edit, modify, upload, republish, transmit, post or distribute any of the content that is available through our services that include software used for commercial purposes and code. Please contact the copyright owner for the third-party information appearing on this site. You will not acquire any ownership rights to any of the content or document or any other materials that are viewed on this website. Posting of information or any material on this site will not constitute any waiver from any of the rights in such materials and information. You are agreeing that the posts on our website, ideas, materials, comments and the testimonials you are submitting on this site or any other venues but not being limited to Coursefab discussion form, social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc or to any employee or the site administrator would not be considered confidential and that may be used by us as per our sole discretion without any compensation or obligation for using them or for returning any kind of submitted materials. You grant Coursefab.coman irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, sub-licensable using multiple tiers, worldwide, right for exercising the publicity, copyright and database rights that includes the right to reproduce, edit, use, modify, publicly perform, copy, extract, transmit and create the derivative works thereof, that you have in your content or in your posts in any kind of media that are currently known or unknown with regard to any such content or posts.


Information Control

Coursefab does not control the information provided by the users which might be harmful, offensive, deceptive or even inaccurate. By using our website, you are agreeing with such risks and free Coursefab from all such responsibilities for the omissions or acts of the users of this site. There is limited storage space per user in this site, and you agree that Coursefab is not responsible, accountable or liable for the failure or deletion to store the information and or content.


No Endorsement

Coursefab might endeavor in offering to its user's services and products that are provided by non-Coursefab enterprises like logos, placement information, names or links of any such non-Coursefab enterprises on this website does not make us or constitute that we endorse or provide a warranty of these enterprises and their services and products. You are responsible and accountable for all your decisions to patronize or visit any such enterprise and will hold Coursefab free from any kind of liability that arises from such actions.



Either Coursefab or any of the suppliers or licensors make any kind of representations or provide warranties related to any content accessed through any of our services or contained in and we are not responsible or liable for their accuracy or legitimacy or any compliance with copyrights or decency of the materials accessed or contained through our site’s services/features. We include our licensors and suppliers makes no representations or provide a warranty regarding the recommendations or suggestions of the services or the products offered by us or that is being purchased from our site. Any service or content that is purchased or being offered irrespective of whether following such recommendations and the suggestions through any of the services as being provided “As Is” and is without any kind of warranty from COURSEFAB or others related to us. The content and services that are provided as “As Is” basis, are without any warranties of any kind both either implied or expressed that includes even without limitation, fitness for any particular purposes or that is being implied warranties of the ability of merchants, non-infringement or such that use of these services will be uninterrupted or error-free.


Limitation of Liability

Being fully allowed by the applicable law, under no situation or circumstances and under no legal theory that includes without tort, limitation, strict liability, contract or otherwise shall Coursefab or the suppliers or licensors or directors or employees or managers will be liable to you or to any other person for any kind of direct or indirect consequential damages, special or incidental damages of any kind that includes damage related to lost profit or lost benefit, loss of goodwill, accuracy of the results, any stoppage in work or malfunctioning or computer failure or any amount in total (aggregate) in excess of the greater of $50 or the amount that you have paid to the Coursefab in relation to that specific service within the twelve-month period (12 month period) that precedes this application claim or those matters that are beyond our reasonable control.

Users are not supposed to share any confidential information including but not limited to any user credentials, passwords or financial information to any unauthorized person/representative of Coursefab.com. Coursefab or its employees/representative will never ask Users for any confidential and/or financial information or any unwanted personal information of the Users. In the event of any loss or damage happens to any user of Coursefab.com due to sharing of any sensitive and/or confidential and/or financial details like debit card number, credit card number, CVV, PayPal information or any other confidential/sensitive information or any kind of Personally identifiable information (PII)  with any person who claims to be an employee or representative of Coursefab.com or Coursefab Educational Services Private Limited, then Coursefab.com/ Coursefab Educational Services Private Limited will not take any liability and/or responsibility for such loss and/or damage. Hence, the Users of Coursefab.com are requested not to involve in such activities as Coursefab.com will not be liable for such activities, and Coursefab.com never encourages its Users to engage in such activities.


Law Choice

The terms shall be governed by the Indian law and construed in accordance to the Indian law – Mumbai without regard to any conflict of the law provisions. All disputes or discrepancies or any issues that shall arise from using our sites shall be solely resolved in pursuant to the notification to other party/parties of the facts related to the dispute, the legal biases associated with dispute and the legal biases for the dispute and all damages claimed and in writing delivered to the email address of users of file with Coursefab and or in either case Coursefab Head Office located at: Level LG 02 & 03, Wing B, Art Guild House, Phoenix Market City, LBS Marg, Kurla (W), Mumbai City – 400070, Maharashtra, India. There will be an allowance of 30 days from the receipt of the notification of dispute for receiving the response to and or offer any remedy to the dispute. 

There will be no consolidation or class claims or joinder allowed in any of the disputes between the parties and that there would be no claim might be made through the action of purporting for representing the class of website users else otherwise asserting the claim on behalf of the class. During the events this waiver is determined or found to be unenforceable dispute resolution process would be voided entirely and then the party might file a complaint in the courts in Mumbai, India, Maharashtra- Indian Court and agree for waiving all and any jurisdictional, inconvenient or venue forum objections.