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A research proposal is a foundation for the dissertation and thesis writing. A research proposal is critical writing for the students as it will require to focus on all aspects of the thesis and research. The research proposal should have a strong business problem or the statement of problem and the entire research design will revolve around the statement of the problem. There is a requirement for developing an effective theoretical framework that will provide an outline as to how the research will be developed. The research proposal has few elements that are essential to consider like the background of the study, statement of the problem, the purpose of the research, objective of the research, significance, theoretical framework, outline about the research methods and analysis, limitations, definition of terms and support from the literature review. All these are integral parts of the research proposal. Those proposals that are not meeting these objectives will not qualify for future research. Coursefab has an ingenious solution to the problems by forming the research proposal. We have experts who are familiar with preparing and developing the best research proposals and provide them with effective evidence and reference and formatting. Unique and best quality research proposals are developed by our professionals to ensure that the research proposals are accepted and the students can move forward in their research and thesis writing. Coursefab has experts who provide an efficacious research proposal to the students. 

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