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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the highly honored and valuable post-graduation. Industrialization in the United States (US) during the early 20th century to manage the new industrial revolution in the nation. The industrial revolution demanded more people to work in an organized manner to accomplish an objective that involves various business operations that put forward the foundation for the MBA course. MBA was developed mainly based on the management techniques and abilities so that employees of the organization can be governed. In 1881, Wharton School in Pennsylvania was founded and it is the first business school in the US but was not offering any degree. The first school that offered an advanced business degree was The Tuck School of Business – Dartmouth College and it was a three-year course. The official MBA program was introduced by Harvard University, Cambridge MA in 1908 and was established at Harvard University Graduate School of Administration. The first batch consisted of 33 students with 15 faculties. It is a course that makes the future leaders and the expectation from them by the institutes are considerably higher. The project of MBA students is expected to incorporate higher level of conceptual learning and the practical case which is relevant to their area of specialization and that will be value adding to the student career. In various interviews, students are expected to provide an outline or discuss their project to evaluate them. Selecting the best viable project based on the core specialization with the assistance of core subject matter experts will ensure that the students can accomplish their goals. The advantage for the students who make use of our services is that our experts have a sound industrial experience that enables the students in obtaining the highest grades and present the most valuable project to the institute.

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